Tiny Tale: Mental Health.

#1 The world was colorful… but her mind was in black and white

#2 It was a peaceful day, but the voices inside her never stopped screaming

#3 All envied the colorful dress she wore on the ramp but no could see her mind blackened by depression under the layers of makeup

#4 Several cuts. Many attempts. Eternal unhappiness. Finally with a lent shoulder it all became better.

#5 She ran steady, long strides, “You arn’t good enough!” Echoed in her ears. Finally the cuts in her heart became a cut on her hand.

Its always hard to understand a depressed mind. We can’t see it nor can we feel it but we can heal it.

Stand up to the bullies. Help out a friend. Stop teasing and commenting. And finally stand alongside your morals and do the right thing because soon enough teasers will become followers.


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